Pink Baboon LSO – *2OZ FOR $150*


THC: 31-32 CBD: 1.99
Pink Baboon is a new indica cross strain from seed junky genetics. Its parents are Pink Kush amd Grease Monkey

More info on LSO:

Living soil is often thought of as planting material that centers on compost and has an active microbiology and biodiversity, which can include worms and their castings, protozoa, healthy bacteria, amoebas, kelp extracts and even glacial rock dust. Cultivators who create a biodiverse growing media don’t need to rely on fertilizers because microbes eat and digest compounds that create bioavailable fertilizers. As a result, those growers also report larger yields and better terpenes.

“If you’re trying to build a business, and you’re trying to build something that’s going to last and be profitable, living soil is by far the most cost-effective way to be around in 20 years,” said Dave Perkins, lead cultivator for The Emerald Cup, a vertically integrated cannabis firm in Santa Rosa, California, that’s best known for its namesake cannabis competition.

OZ for $80.00
7g for $30.00
14g for $50.00

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OZ for $80.00, 7g for $30.00, 14g for $50.00


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